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Are you looking for a private detective agency in Lyon? Here is InvenyInveny, one of the most popular in the city, where you can order any type of private investigation.

Inveny is specialized in the realization of any type of survey:

  • Surveys for companies
  • Surveys for individuals
  • Spinning
  • Surveillance
  • Search for evidence
  • Etcetera

Inveny is a detective agency located in the center of Lyon, in the 2nd district, near the Place des Archives. Inveny's employees are qualified professionals with extensive experience in the sector, so they have all the necessary means to find answers to your questions.

Inveny guarantees maximum discretion and responsiveness. In addition, they offer a strategy and a rate totally adapted to the needs of each client.

A private investigator has the ability to investigate events or facts, whether they are civil, commercial or criminal. It is a 100% legal profession that allows to conduct an investigation without having to reveal the object of the mission. Thus, thanks to Inveny's private detectives, you will be able to know the truth and have the necessary evidence to defend your case.

How much does a private investigator cost?

It is common to have doubts about the prices of private detectives. The truth is that the final price will always depend on the case to be investigated. At Inveny, we analyze each client's file and, based on this, we define the investigation strategy to be carried out.

In this strategy, several factors are taken into account, such as, for example, the resources required, the time invested, etc. Depending on each case, a different budget is determined, but we always try to adapt to the budget indicated by the client.

The first consultation at the Inveny private detective agency is free. Here the case is explained and the team will be responsible for establishing the budget. But be aware that the hourly rate of a private detective is between 70 and 100 euros, excluding taxes.

The variables that determine the price are the following:

  • The type of mission to be carried out.
  • The objective of the mission
  • The duration of the case
  • The number of private detectives needed for the mission
  • The geographical area to be investigated and whether or not travel is required.
  • Additional resources required
  • The difficulties that the mission may create

Taking all these parameters into account, Inveny's professionals will provide you with a detailed estimate so that you can make the right choice and achieve your goals.

So now you know: if you are looking for a private detective agency in Lyon, count on Inveny. A company run by qualified professionals who guarantee maximum discretion.

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